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Sugar Rush is more than just Birthday cakes!

A Birthday Cake is something everyone has received hopefully every year of their life. It’s a symbol of happiness and celebration. A reason to get together and enjoy the company of friends and family. We take the birthday cake one step further and personalize it for each and every birthday boy or girl. A Sugar Rush Cake is a cake you will remember because someone that loves you took the time to contact us and help us create something unique to you.

We love Birthdays and every other occasion where there is cake!

We are a Montreal based cakery motivated by constantly trying to outdo ourselves by making cakes that are beautiful, challenging, and as out-of-the-ordinary as possible! Our inspiration comes from everywhere: art, fabric, furniture, architecture, landscapes, science, music, anything!Most of all, our inspiration comes from you! Each cake is individually designed to match you, your personality, and the theme of the occasion you are celebrating.Don’t be fooled by wannabees and imitators. Sugar Rush has been creating  custom cakes for over 7 years. We have created countless unique edible works of art for clients ranging from the next door neighbor to Lady Gaga.

*All our cakes are created in a NUT FREE environment. No one should be left out from enjoying something as cheerful as a birthday cake just like everyone else!

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