Introducing Cakes for 8

What is a Cake for 8?

By popular demand….announcing Cakes for 8! Why? Because so many of our fans have told us that they’d really like to get a cake from us, but can’t because our custom cakes aren’t within their price range. Cakes for 8 is our answer – smaller cakes that are reasonably priced but with the same detail and workmanship of all our creations. A Cake for 8 is an 8 inch round or square cake that offers 8 desert or 16 coffee servings.

Our decorators have designed several playful, bright, and elegant cakes that capture the popular styles for which Sugar Rush Cakes is known and loved. Select the design you’d like, pick your flavor, and you’ve got a cake! Cakes for 8 are not customizable like our other cakes, but we think the designs we’ve come up with will serve nearly any special occasion fantastically. They also make great gifts for your friends, family, or out-of-town visitors!

View Cake for 8 Gallery Here.

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