Working through the pandemic


Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are continuing to serve you in the safest possible manner. We already have stringent hygiene protocols in place and have drastically reduced staff. No outside person is allowed to enter our premises. We have decided to reduce the different suppliers we deal with down to one main supplier that has extremely strict sanitation practices.

Until further notice, we will be condensing our deliveries for us to remain open. Deliveries will be offered 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We feel this should cover everyone’s needs quite well. All our cakes are made from scratch the day before delivery to ensure maximum freshness and will stay fresh for approximately 4 days after delivery.

In addition to our new delivery schedule and as per social distancing requirements, we will no longer conduct face to face drop-offs or accept onsite payments. All orders must be prepaid either by Interac E transfer or credit card. We will contact you by phone 10 minutes before we arrive with your order and ask you to set a chair outside your front door where the box will be placed. The same applies to apartments or condos. We will not be entering buildings, ring doorbells or knock under any circumstances. 


We are confident that the measures we have put in place will allow everyone to remain safe. 


Things will be back to normal before we know it. Let’s all do our part!

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