Twin Disney Cars Cake

Lightning McQueen cake

Creating a 3D Lightning McQueen cake.

We get asked often how we create our cakes and if we use moulds or special cake pans. We definitely do not use any special cake moulds or pans. Each cake is baked in a regular old cake pan and roughly cut and stacked.


We then use a knife to slowly carve and cut away pieces of cake by hand untill we are satisfied with its size and shape. This is a long process. We are after all working with a medium that is not very forgiving. Cut too much and there is no way to go back, too little and it might not look right.


The next step is to cover the cake with butter-cream and fondant.


Obviously there are far too many steps to illustrate from beginning to end (some of them trade secrets ; ) but at Sugar Rush Cakes the outcome is always the same.

A spectacular cake!

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